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Event Management


Cater Express Event Managers are of the highest calibre. We take the stress of your event with efficient planning, organising and executing all types and sizes of events, including weddings, musical concerts, food festivals, and conventions. We meet face to face with clients to assess their individual needs and determine the specifics of the event.


After setting objectives, we meet with organisers, vendors and other event specialists to develop an agenda. Financial management is also an important component of our services; we work within budgetary constraints set by our clients, and deliver your requirements, on time and within budget.



Your dedicated event manager/s can supervise staff, reserve locations, arrange catering services, including setting up accommodation for your guests for the event. We also run audio-visual equipment or arrange for limousines to pick up guests.



We monitor the event while it's taking place and resolve issues on site as they arise. We are also trained and responsible for ensuring compliance with all health and safety regulations. Additionally, you may want our help to promote the event and develop advertising plans.


When planning an event we always start with the venue. Everything else flows from there. We like to ensure that accuracy to detail is our main focus. Event planning means really understanding our client’s objectives and identifying exactly what they want  to achieve.

We usually plan to a theme, blending client objectives with corporate/personal brand values to create exciting and memorable events. As event specialists we know exactly what makes an event successful and have strong eye for the tiny details that make all the difference.

From detailed floor plans to guest user journey experiences, we have your event covered.

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