Flower Walls


Indulge in luxurious and romantic textures by incorporating one of our Premier Flower Walls into your next event. Our Premier Flower Walls infuses a beautiful natural element and creates a remarkable focal point in your space. Use in a variety of applications such as a background for your head table, an unforgettable photo backdrop, or to replace a step-and-repeat for any event. Our walls are constructed of high quality silk flowers consisting of a variety of bloom sizes for a natural look. 


We are here to help you incorporate this luxe decor element into your event as a beautiful and high quality option. Whether it's a wedding, black-tie gala, fashion show, or background to a music video, flower walls create visually captivating backdrops full of texture and dramatic flair. With multiple color and size options available to choose from, we will make your event the envy of all others.